Kyiv-Pasazhyrskiy railway station
When: September 1-15 ,2018

Photographs was placed on advertising platforms(city lights) located through the station

The artist filmed the project during the year, on trains in the eastern (Kharkov) and western (Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Truskavets, Uzhgorod) directions, and in the Kiev region (Fastov, Darnitsa, Boryspil, Vinnitsa, Kozyatin) and others. It included both -documentary photographs of train passengers and lunch still lifes from their tables, as well as staged photos that parody these same characters with love; the edges between them are erased. Among the real and “fictional” heroes of the project are businesswoman, provincial gigolo, soldiers, students and ladies in leopard outfits. The Ukrzaliznytsia project was spurred not only by Julie Poly's observations, but also by her personal experience: after studying at the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport in Kharkov, Julie worked as a conductor.

“Train cars look like a primitive iron box, but it’s inside where all the action is. In Ukrzaliznytsia, the stereotypical human characters are being put into play, but it’s my personal experience of working as a conductor too that ignited the project. This enables the spectator to become an insider of the intense train life world”, — says Julie Poly. “Some of the heroes got ‘customized’ into the real characters. It’s all but an imitation of real people and familiar situations, but I did not aim to show real life. On the contrary, every scene is grotesque”, — the artist explains.