Kosmolot playing cards, 2015.

Kosmolot | limited deck of cards and online game | 2019

«If this is a game, then I can do anything.
This is not me, this is a game, and I obey the rules»

A limited deck of playing cards ‘Kosmolot’ was created in 2019, and was presented in the slot machine network of the same name. The first version of the deck included 36 cards, and made its debut in 2015 under the title ‘Kis-brys-miau’ at the final exhibition of the School of Contemporary Art. The limited edition contains of 54 cards and was released in amount of 10 decks. The project was also implemented in the format of an online game.

Curiosity about the experiments with own sexuality can start manifesting itself from the early years of a person’s life. Through this new experience, a child or a teen gets to know himself, and learns about others. Often, the process of coming of age gets connected to the games — from innocent schoolish ‘kis-brys-miau’ to a more revealing ‘spin the bottle’ kissing game, or from playing the provocative strip cards as teenagers to BDSM sessions (swinger parties, fetish games etc.) in later years. Sexual kinks often remain hidden from the world, but the game allows to “reveal the cards”, and, by doing so, to satisfy the desires, push the boundaries of self-knowledge in a meanwhile.

‘Kosmolot’ project is the result of Julie Poly's own experience of growing up, which often had to do with games and experiments. In addition to personal archives and intimate chat screens, the limited deck contains staged photos.

я была ещё доской
моя мама была злой
чтоб о парнях не судачить
мы играли в расписной
мамин ёбарь был культурный
не ходил по казино
разрешал не хавать утром
и смотреть Histoire d'O

от подавленных желаний
с болью раскрываю рот
и по всем нечётным дням
я посещаю космолот


Очень глупо в казино
Полагаться на удачу
Если кэша не срубю
Все им расхерачу
В бэхах на разборки
Едем к Космолоту
Братану две сотни
Задолжал там хто-то
До казино с работы
Ровно семь минут
Столько же по времени
В кармане деньги жмут
Не ходите люди
На Трое в Космолот
Я получил в еблину-
Это был джек пот