Kosmolot playing cards, 2015.

Curiosity about the experiments with own sexuality can start manifesting itself from the early years of a person’s life. Through this new experience, a child or a teen gets to know himself, and learns about others. Often, the process of coming of age gets connected to the games — from innocent schoolish “kis-brys-miau” to a more revealing “spin the bottle” kissing game, or from playing the provocative strip cards as teenagers to BDSM sessions (swinger parties, fetish games etc.) in later years. Sexual kinks often remain hidden from the world, but the game allows to “reveal the cards”, and, by doing so, to satisfy the desires, push the boundaries of self-knowledge in a meanwhile.

Kosmolot project is a result of Julie Poly’s own experience of growing up, which often had to do with games and experiments. The technical part consists of full poker deck (54 cards), and digital version for Windows. The designs include studio pictures, personal archive materials and intimate chat screens. This deck was presented in Ukrainian arcade center chain Kosmolot. The first version of a deck included 36 playing cards, and appeared on final exhibition of the School of Contemporary Art in Kyiv, which Julie Poly attended.