SOUNDSCAPE 4:59 | 2023

Accompanying the photographs is a newly produced sound installation 4:59 (19’35’’, 2023). Commissioned by Poly for the exhibition 4:59, it was recorded in Stakhanov city by a teenage girl currently living there.

Stakhanov is a city in Luhansk Oblast in Eastern Ukraine, and it’s Julie's native city, which is under Russian occupation from 2014. And with the start of a full-scale war in 2022, getting there is impossible.

The soundscape consists of city’s sounds which were recorded during the walk by a teenage girl having Julie remotely there. This sound trip was made up of native, important and memorable places to Poly.

It's a kind of cast of space from Julie’s hometown Stakhanov. This sound installation was made in collaboration with a Ukrainie-based sound studio called Audiodrag.